We’ve launched the first-ever employer coalition to hire Opportunity Youth

We’re the leading employer of Opportunity Youth and Refugees

We’re committed to rescuing 100% of available food for donation

Our coffee is 99% ethically sourced

We’ll eliminate plastics straws by 2020

We’ve invested $10 million to create a recyclable cup

Food Donation

“We’re using the money we save from buying food to support additional services for Pilot Place clients.”

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“The milestone of Starbucks ethically sourcing 99% of their coffee makes it possible to consider that coffee could be the world’s first sustainably sourced commodity.”

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Restoring Munson Pond in Okanagan

“The birds are back. The turtles are back. The beavers are back. It’s really special to be a part of something that’s going to last...”

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Inspiring youth careers in Montreal

“Never in my dreams would I have imagined to win. It gives me motivation to continue to draw.”

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Working with community agencies to employ youth in need

Whitney, Toronto

“It was pretty hard. I was three months pregnant and struggling to find a job....”

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Reducing barriers to youth hiring in Montreal

“I’m looking forward to work and to get back to my education so I can make my family proud.”

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Having pride in our partners

Caleb, Toronto

“Being part of a community that cared for me, loved me, and embraced me for who I was allowed me to blossom…”

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Talent is distributed equally, opportunity is not. That needs to change

Maude Raymond, Program Director, Société de Développement Social

“Our partnership with Starbucks has provided youth with a sense a purpose, opening them to a world of possibilities they had not imagined for themselves.”

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As neighbours, we try to get involved with local priorities that bring people together whenever we can.

Brian Carney, CEO, Blue Sea Foundation

“Starbucks’ willingness to join in the way they modeled what true philanthropy is — caring and giving to support humanity where we live.”

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It’s more critical than ever to minimize our environmental footprint, respond to climate change and inspire others to join in.

Susan Ruffo, Managing Director for International Initiatives, Ocean Conservancy

“Redesigning products and packaging to be more sustainable is a long-term commitment, not a one-time decision, and Starbucks is clearly in for the long haul.”

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